Wake Up America! Why Are They Pushing Health And Tax Reform Which Hurts So Many

We’ve never seen anything, quite like, what’s going on, in Washington, D.C., today! In the past, even when proposed policies, and/ or legislation, might have been either self – serving, or pushing a personal agenda, there seemed to be an attempt to disguise their intentions, and, at least, give constituents, the impression, they were hoping to do something, for the good of those they serve and represent! With all the many differences, in the unique administration, of President Donald J. Trump, rather than seek justifications, or attempting to package something, in a positive light, much of the proposals, appear to have little – to – nothing, to do, with making a change, for the better, but, rather, the underlying focus, seems undoing the polices, and/ or focus on previous administrations. The primary goal appears to be, being able to claim, they are winning (without explaining, precisely, what that means), even if whatever they propose, not only does nothing to benefit their supporters (in fact, in many cases, the changes, make things, worse!). This article will attempt to briefly discuss, how this is certainly the case, as it relates, to the two most emphasized proposals, health and tax reform.

1. Health care reform: For seven years, elected Republicans constantly complained about how bad, the Affordable Care Act (a.k.a. Obamacare) was, and why it should be repealed. While the law, certainly had many flaws, it also reduced the cost of Medicaid, etc, and significantly reduced the number of uninsured Americans. When people lacked insurance, previously, and went to hospitals, with illnesses and/ or injuries, the hospitals could not avoid their Hypocratic duty, to provide, a degree of care, which cost hospitals, large amounts of funds. While the G.O.P, complained about what was referred to, as the Mandate, at the very least, it was disengenuous, because, when healthier people are in the pool, everyone elses rates were reduced. If the attempt was to create better health care, lower premiums, reduced costs, streamline the process, lower pharmaceutical drug prices, etc, the process would have been justified, but, every piece of legislation, proposed, focused on none of these! Rather, the proposed legislation, would raise rates, over time, because, by removing the healthiest, from the pool, add tens of millions of uninsured Americans, did nothing about drug pricing, and was more about politics, and policy and solutions!2. Tax Reform: Although Trump has continuously stated, he supported tax cuts, which would lower taxes for the middle class, the legislation, being presently presented, does very little for the middle class (in fact, for many, actually, will raise taxes), discriminates against those in higher local and state tax, stated, and is most beneficial to the wealthiest. How does eliminating the estate tax, help most people, since only about the top 0.2% of the public pays that tax? Reducing corporate taxes might be beneficial, in terms of hiring, but there is little evidence, when corporations earn more, and make more, they either hire more workers, and/ or pay higher salaries. The justification for this reasoning is what is often referred to as, Trickle Down, yet, the last time, that was done, deficits went up substantially, and it did little to further growth. Manipulating the numbers, to assume growth figures, which are, at best, possible (not probable), is not tax reform. If the middle class will not get a tax reduction, whose agenda is really being served?

Wake up America, because you are being, asked to believe, the unbelievable! Ask yourself, why they might be doing, what they’re doing, and who really benefits, and whose agenda, is being served! President Trump may be many things, but perhaps his greatest skill/ asset, is his ability to use branding, rhetoric, and doubling – down on repeated lies!